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Affiliate on Amazon

Affiliate on Amazon

Amazon affiliate it happens when a publisher also called an affiliate makes a profit on provisions by advertising merchants’ products or services.

This is a good way of earning money for bloggers who write reviews and comparisons of products. When it comes to merchants that’s a great source of income too as they don’t have to put much effort to get additional money.

Surely, affiliate marketing may be a win-win situation if both parties merchants and affiliates do their best to fulfill all their duties.

Moreover, the cooperation between an affiliate and a merchant may be transparent. It means that an affiliate informs the audience that he collaborates with a merchant.

This seems to be a fair measure as people appreciate honesty. However, some affiliates prefer to keep this info back and they have a right to do so.

How does the Affiliate on Amazon work?

When you become an affiliate you get a link with unique ID thanks to which you can track all the traffic you send to your merchant’s website. When visitors click on this link and perform the desired action the money flies to you.

Your income will depend also on the arrangement you conclude with an advertiser. You may be paid a commission after every purchase when visitors click on this link and perform the desired action the money flies to you or you may get a big payment at the beginning.

However, currently the first model is more popular and it’s quite fair as you get the money which is equivalent to your results.

So, assuming that you already have your site and you’ve decided to become an affiliate you need to find a proper company first. The best situation is when the company suits your interests. You can sell only if people consider you to be a specialist.

And the web remembers everything so better train yourself before you start your work.
Obviously, you need to do some research before you decide on cooperation and answer these questions:

• Is the company reliable?
• Does it have a good reputation?
• Do you prefer a one-time commission or a lifetime recurring one?
• Are visitors assigned to you when they go back to the advertisers’ site after some months?
• Do you have to be a customer to join a program?

And if you decide to sign up for a certain program check whether you can track your online marketing efforts. It would be useful to tag your campaigns if the merchants do reports based on UTM codes. The results will tell you which of your campaigns are successful and which aren’t.

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Why Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is one of the best online businesses for beginners and experts alike. It is easy to get started with little to no investment.

Step 1: Choosing Your Niche:

You can always choose a niche which you prefer but if you want to scale it to easily figures per year so you need to choose one of the below niches: Health, Wealth, Relationships

Step 2: Finding Affiliate Products

Always promote digital products whether it’s from Jvzoo, Warrior+ or Clickbank. In their marketplace, you’ll notice a digital product to fit any niche.

Step 3: Which is the most important step to become a successful affiliate

The affiliate marketer’s secret to massive earnings. Typically you the affiliate can promote a low-ticket entry product. In some cases, it could actually be free.

These low-ticket products can sometimes be referred to as “Trip-Wire Offers.”This allows the affiliate to more easily get customers into their partner’s pipeline.

Step 4: Getting Traffic

As a beginner paid traffic at all as it may consume all your budget. There are many free traffic sources you may us my best recommendations are YouTube, Facebook Groups, Instagram.

YouTube is the second largest search beginner friendly and with the right combination of content and keywords, it is 100% possible to rank well and rank fast. And the result of ranking on YouTube is floods of highly targeted traffic.

And this is why YouTube holds such an advantage over “Blogging.” Google is more established. Ranking can take months or even years. On YouTube videos can rank within hours.

The best strategy for growing your YouTube channel fast is to either educate or motivate. Both strategies crush it in affiliate marketing.

Step 5: Monetize your audience

By now you already know what affiliate marketing is. You know how to find the offers to promote. And you know how to drive traffic to the offers for free.

Now it’s time to learn how you can create a system that can deliver consistent commissions and passive income. In simple terms the formula is

Once you give your audience value they will be attached to you and since its a good information you gave them they will most likely to trust you and then you can start recommending them the products.

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