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Apple’s iOS 13 Announcement

Apple's iOS 13 Announcement

Apple’s iOS 13 Announcement

Apple’s iOS 13 announcement today during the WWDC 2019 live event the iOS 13 operating system for iPhone and iPod devices, a massive release that finally introduces a long-anticipated Dark Mode, as well as numerous other new features, enhancements, and updates apps.

Featues that are in iOS 13

Dark Mode

Dark mode in ios 13

The highly anticipated Dark Mode introduces a new dark colour scheme across all native apps. It delivers a great viewing experience, particularly in low-light environments and can also be scheduled to turn on automatically at sunset or at a certain time.

Privacy and Apple sign in

Privacy and Apple sign in

iOS 13 will do a lot more to lock apps out of monitoring your location data and other data, unless you grant it.

This is something a number of people are excited about, particularly given the recent security breaches from the likes of Facebook and Amazon.

The “Sign in with Apple” feature allows users to bypass any concerns with Google or Facebook sign-ins.

This means that you can hide your real email address and set up a randomly-generated email forwarding address, doing away with the need for filling out forms and verifying email addresses.

Home Kit Secure, another new privacy feature, keeps everything from your home security cameras and accessories in a closed loop that only you can see.


Maps in ios 13

Believe it or not, but Apple Maps is still chugging along. The tech giant has said that they’ve “totally rebuilt” their map, but only for the US by the end of 2019 and other countries later.

That said, iOS 13 will see Maps offer a new “Look Around” feature that looks like a smoother Street View.

Apple said at the launch that Apple Maps will provide broader road coverage, better pedestrian data, more precise addresses and more detailed landcover.

iOS has introduced other features to Maps like Collections, which can be used to easily share favourite restaurants, travel destinations or places to shop with friends, as well as Favourites for navigating to frequent destinations such as home, work, your significant other’s house.

Messages update

Messages update in ios 13

In messages, you can share your name and Memoji when you message with someone and there’s now an enhanced Memoji creator that even allows you to put AirPods on your character.

Messages will also automatically share a user’s name and photo to identify who is in the Messages thread.

Memoji are automatically created into sticker packs designed into the iOS keyboard, so they can be used in messages, mail and other apps.

Intelligent reminders

Intelligent reminders in ios 13

Reminders are getting an update by way of their design, as well as the options to organise and keep track of them.

The quick toolbar makes it easier to add times, dates, locations and flags, or add attachments.

With deeper integration with Messages, it is easier to tag someone in a reminder so that it surfaces when the user messages with that person.

Photo editing

Using on-device machine learning, Photos curates the entire library to highlight the best images.

This works to hide photos that are similar and spotlight significant events from the past day/month/year. This makes it easier to browse through your own photos and relive your favourite memories.

Photo editing has been made easier with the introduction of comprehensive tools that are somewhat easier to apply.

In iOS 13, most picture editing tools are currently offered for video editing, creating it possible to rotate, crop or apply filters right inside the Photos app.

Portrait Lighting adjustments can also be made in the Camera app itself, allowing you to get the perfect shot as you virtually move the light closer to sharpen eyes and brighten facial features.

Apple’s iOS 13 Announcement

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