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15 career options in Digital Marketing



15 career options in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing course is emerging from last few years and it has great opportunities as in jobs as well in freelancing works.

In monetary terms as well digital marketing is way more better than any other course in the market by doing a simple course from any private there are many institutes which are providing digital marketing after doing course from institute you can get a starting salary of 25000 easily and more than that if you are recruited in big multinationals.

These are the different fields in which you can work in the digital marketing:


SEO means in simple terms getting ranked on first page of Google So basically as a SEO executive work is to do such activities through which your company get rankings in search page.

Developing different SEO strategies and buildings links for your website. Salary range for SEO executive is between 15k to 20k.

Social Media Marketing there very high jobs In this particular field of digital marketing as huge crowd is diverting to social media.

So companies are focusing on getting business from these sources by promoting their product on social media Like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and many social media platforms and here you can get salary in between 20k to 30k as a fresher.

Company need content writers for their websites for different purposes ss well so the requirement of content writers are high in this field as this is field of creativity.

The more uniqueness in writing the more the remuneration will be. As every other person is Not good in writing. As a fresher you can get salary between 15k to 25k to as a fresher.

There are many job opportunities in the PPC (per per click) that is based on google adwords in PPC executive have to create campaigns and should generate business for company.

The growth in this profile is little high than other profile as you are generating exact revenue to the Company.

The salary is high in this profile as a fresher you can get salary of 30k to 40k thousand and high salary hike if you are shifting your job after some of year experience. 

There are large number of jobs in Google analyst and there job is to prove technical support to company for Google analytics suits product and giving updates to the company about their products and behaviour of product on basics to best prices.

Coordinate with other departments like product management sales department. The salary range would be around 18k to 30k.

Google adsense where its completely paid ads which you have to do it is for getting a quick result it is known as the traffic which is paid traffic. SEM is part of Google ads Search engine marketing.

Digital marketing directors frequently function as a major aspect of a bigger group. As a digital marketing administrator your endeavours would be focused on advancing and marketing through particular media and versatile outlets for example the Web email content and long range interpersonal communication destinations.

  • Web Marketing specialist

A Web publicist is in charge of composing all the content for the different channels of digital marketing efforts.

You would centre around composing particularly for different media channels for example email impacts content battles long range interpersonal communication webpage posts fly up advertisements and site content.

  • Inbound Marketing Manager

An inbound marketer will create a method for attracting customers. One of the inbound marketing methods is content marketing.

While the inbound marketing manager creates a method on how to attract customers using content marketing the content marketing manager can focus on execution of that strategy.

  • Conversion Rate Optimiser

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is that the systematic method of increasing the percentage of website guests who take a desired action be that filling out a form turning into customers or otherwise.

  • Copy Writers

The copywriter will facilitate the search engine marketer write higher ad copy help the social media manager post better words on social media channels help the content team refine their content for better reception.
  • Search Engine Marketers 

The goal of a search engine marketer is to bring the target range of leads and clicks from the given marketing budget.

Most of the work is concerned in analysis bid management keyword research ad copy writing and split testing the ad campaigns.

Content marketing is responsibility of Content Marketing Manager like content marketing includes blog sales page copy writing email communication marketing campaigns video marketing guest blogging etc. 3–5 years of experience is required for this post.

Freelancing is the concept of offering your services to clients on a part-time basis from your home.

Sitting at your home you’ll be able to build your clients globally. Thanks to online websites like, etc. You can start offering your freelancing services.
  • Customer Identity Management

We all know what customers need. They need a good friction less unified client expertise to be treated preferentially as individuals personalised experience simple use and accessibility to rise continously want brands to interact with them and build relationships reasons to remain loyal and clearly need rewards for being a loyal client.

Are There Other Occupational Choices?

The abilities required for digital marketing are material to a wide assortment of professions in different ventures for example data innovation correspondences deals and marketing.

There are many other job profiles for digital marketing experts which I haven’t mentioned here for that You can apply and search jobs from Naukri , Shine and many other job searching platforms. 15 career options in Digital Marketing



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