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Father Day 2019 



Fathers day 2019

Fathers Day 2019 

Fathers day 2019. Father are crucial. They give unconditional love and strength to their kids. While all the parents work tirelessly to provide for their children, fathers are sometimes left unappreciated.

Several countries including the US celebrate the third Sunday of June as Father’s day. This day is dedicated to celebrate the fathers and to show them how grateful we are for all their efforts.

Although Father’s day is not just restricted to only fathers; this day can be thought of as honoring anyone who is like a father figure in our lives.Fathers day 2019

When is Father’s Day?

Fathers day 2019

Father’s day will be celebrated on 16 June (Sunday) this year. Apart from India, UK, US and several other countries celebrate the third Sunday of the month of June as Father’s day.

How is it Celebrated?

Some people try to make this day special for their fathers and father-like figures. Many celebrate the day by visiting their fathers, buying them gifts, flowers or greeting card and try to thank

However, Father’s Day is relatively new in India. Even though it is not celebrated in similar magnitude as any other festival in the county; people in the metropolitan cities have started making efforts to make this day memorable for their fathers.

How Did It Begin?

Sonora Smart Dodd, a woman from the United States, is given the credit for the origin of Father’s Day. Many believe that she was inspired by the American Mother’s Day and promoted a day dedicated to celebrate the fathers. The United State celebrated its first Father’s Day on 19 June 1910.

Go ahead and do something special for your father this year. Write a thank you note, buy him a gift or bake a cake at home; any gesture that you make to show your gratefulness towards him will surely make him happy and proud to be your father.

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