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Voter ID

How to Apply For Voter ID



How to Apply For Voter ID

How to Apply For Voter ID

If you don’t have a voter identity card, you aren’t eligible to cast your vote in India.
You need to own a voter ID card and your name should be present on the voter list.
It’s quite simple to get a voter ID card in India although the method takes a bit of your time you’ll even apply for one online. Before you are doing that, you’ll want a few documents.

Documents required for Voter ID

  1. You need a passport-sized photograph.
  2. One Residence proof document such as (Bank Passbook, Ration Card, Indian Passport, Driving License, Income tax assessment order, etc.
  3. One age proof document such as ( Birth Certificate, Indian Passport, PAN card, Driving License, Aadhar letter issued by UIDAI and the passed 10th class Marksheet of class 10th)

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Here the points to be noticed before applying for the voter id card

How to Apply For Voter ID

  1. The minimum age of the applicant should be 18 or 18+.
  2. Applicants should ensure details like spelling of their name, date of birth, address and so on are correct.
  3. They should be of sound mind, free of criminal charges and not financially bankrupt
  4. They should fill out the relevant documents like form 6 and make sure that they provide relevant original documents
  5. Applicants should only apply for voter ID solely through government or government-approved websites and centers
  6. Applicants should also make sure that all info that’s provided is lawfully correct in all aspects.
  7. On with success receiving the voter ID, candidates should re-verify their documents and voter ID to see if the data is correct.

Structure of Voter ID

  1. A voter ID card is an accepted sort of personal identification in India because it is issued by a government body.
  2. The voter ID consists of the following details:
  3. A unique Serial number
  4. Photograph of the cardholder
  5. A hologram containing respective state/national symbol
  6. Name of the cardholder
  7. Father’s Name of the cardholder
  8. Gender
  9. Card holder’s
  10. Card holder’s date of Birth
  11. The card holder’s residential address and signature of the issuing authority (Electoral registration officer) are on the rear side of the voter ID card.

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How to Apply For Voter ID Offline

How to Apply For Voter ID

1. You can also enroll offline. Fill 2 copies of Form 6. This form is also available free of price in offices of Electoral Registration Officers / Assistant Electoral Registration Officers and Booth Level Officers.

2. The application among the copies of the relevant documents is filed in person before the involved Electoral Registration Officer / Assistant Electoral Registration Officer or sent by post

addressed to him or can be handed over to the Booth Level Officer of your polling area.

3. call 1950 for any facilitate (Please add your STD code before 1950). For additional information read the voter brochure on


How to Apply For Voter ID Online

On the National Voters Services Portal (NVSP) website (, select ‘Apply online for registration of new voter/due to shifting from AC’ on the homepage.

When Form number 6 is displayed, choose your State, District and Legislative Assembly or Parliamentary Constituency, which will be displayed in a drop-down menu. After this step is done, you must fill in your personal details.

Upload the mandatory documents, and submit the form. Failure to upload all documents will lead to the rejection of your application.

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For verification, Booth Level Officers (BLOs) will visit your home. They may also interact with those around you for the purpose of verification. Once verification is complete, you will receive your Voter ID within a week.

How to Apply For Voter ID Semi- Online


The applicant must begin by visiting the national voter’s service portal (NSVP) website

Download ‘form 6’ and fill the form with relevant details. Submit the finished form 6 along with a photograph and supporting documents at an Election office close to you by either post or in person.


Importance of Voter Id
  • This card serves as proof of identity and proof of address.
  • Voter ID Card is an acknowledgment that the cardholder is registered for the vote
  • Voter ID has several personal identification features such as the cardholder’s signature & photograph.
  • The Voter ID card can be utilized to avail certain government schemes.


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