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Independence day 2019

independence day 2019

Independence day 2019

Independence day 2019 15 August is well known as the independence day of India. On 15 August 1947, India got its independence from the British rule and was declared as a sovereign nation.

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In 2019 the day on Independence day is Thursday. The day is widely known throughout the country to celebrate India’s independence from the British.

The independence was achieved by the following a great independence movement mostly notice for peaceful non-violent resistance and civil disobedience movements led by the Indian National Congress.

After the independence of India, the partition occurs during which the British Indian Empire divided into religious lines into 2 new nations India and Pakistan.

Wish Independence day 2019 to your friend

How Is Independence Day Celebrate In India?

15 August every year is a very auspicious day for the Indians who will get an opportunity to pay homage to all freedom fighters. Since it is a national holiday, all regional-level, state-level, and national-level government offices will remain shut after the flag-hoisting ceremony.

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Therefore, Commercial outlets may also remain closed. Or, operating hours may be lessened. Schools and colleges across the country will organize various types of competitions for students and award winners.

Special contests and programs are organized by online, print and broadcast channels. Cinemas related to Indian freedom fighters shown on television on independence day.

Independence day 2019

On the eve of Independence Day, the Indian President will address the country.

In Delhi, the Indian Prime Minister will attend the flag-hoisting ceremony and also address the nation at the Red Fort.

Artists will capture this opportunity to exhibit their hidden talent and get recognize and awarded. In some places, the families of freedom fighters are honor on Independence Day.

Symbols Of Independence Day

Independence Day is a symbol of by the kite flying. People buy the kites of various colors, shades, and styles from the market.

A very important symbol of Independence Day is the Red Fort in Delhi. It is the place where the first Indian Prime Minister unveiled the Indian flag on 15 August 1947.

Multiple Ways To Celebrate Independence Day 2019

Plan a tour: Plan a short trip to the nearest destination.
Attend the flag hoisting ceremony: The people staying around the city of Delhi can consider taking a short trip to Delhi on Independence Day to witness the flag-hoisting ceremony, which is beautiful to watch.
Watch patriotic cinemas: This is the best thing you can do. There are many movies based on India’s struggle for attaining freedom.

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It is a national holiday that immortalizes the establishment of India’s Constitution. India got independence on August 14, 1947; at that time, India didn’t have a constitution, and Indian laws were based on the British established Government of India Act 1935.

On this Republic Day Parade is organize. It gets started from the Rashtrapati Bhavan gates and ends at India Gate. It also cover forth India’s defense capabilities, cultural and social heritage, and puts the diversity of the country in the limelight. The parade shows festivals according to the state wise.

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