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Best Stay Strong Quotes and Stay Positive Quotes

Stay Strong Quotes

Stay Strong Quotes

“Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness.” Susan Gale

“Be very strong, be very methodical in your life if you want to be a champion.” Alberto Juantorena

“I like criticism. It makes you strong.” – LeBron James

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing.” – George Bernard Shaw

“Life is, at times, tough. And all we need to do is to prove that we are tougher than it”. – Sanhita Baruah

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“He who conquers others is strong; He who conquers himself is mighty”. – Lao Tzu

“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are”.– Bernice Johnson Reagon

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall”. –Confucius

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

“When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.” – Unknown

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“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on”. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.” William Ellery Channing

“Nothing is more beautiful than the smile that has struggled through the tears.” Demi Lovato

“Being strong doesn’t mean that you can handle every difficult situation on your own, it means that you have the sense to ask God and others for help”. – Nishan Panwar

“Inside of a ring or out, ain’t nothing wrong with going down. It’s staying down that’s wrong”. – Muhammad Ali

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Stay Strong and Positive Quotes

“For a tree to become tall it must grow tough roots among the rocks”. – Friedrich Nietzsche

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it”. – Henry Ford

Sometimes You Have To Get Knocked Down Lower Than You Have Ever Been To Stand Back Up Taller Than You Ever Were”. 

“Smile And Let Everyone Know That Today, You’re A Lot Stronger Than You Were”.

“The Struggle Of You’re In Today Is Developing the Strength You Need For Tomorrow”.

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“A Strong Woman Looks A Challenge Dead In The Eye And Gives It a Wink”.

“Stay strong, be brave, love hard and true, and you will have nothing to lose”. – Demi Lovato

“You’ve got to stay strong to be strong in tough times. – Tilman J. Fertitta

“We acquire the strength we have overcome.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“You Can Become Strong And Powerful And Beautiful”.

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Stay Strong Inspirational Quotes 

“A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.” Vernon Howard

“Feeling fear is human, but conquering it will make you feel empowered, courageous, and proud”. Alex Niles

“One small crack does not mean you are broken. It means you were put to the test and you didn’t fall apart”. Linda Poindexter

“If you’re going through hell, keep going”. Winston Churchill

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“No matter how hard the battle gets, or no matter how many people don’t believe in your dream, never give up”. Eric Thomas

“Be strong, things will get better. It might be stormy now, but rain doesn’t last forever”. Unknown

I like criticism. It makes you strong.” LeBron James

“There are better starters than me but I’m a strong finisher.” Usain Bolt

“He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions.” Louisa May Alcott

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Stay Strong Quotes about Life

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” Napoleon Hill

“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you Always”. – Oprah Winfrey

“Tough times never last, but tough people do”. Robert H Schuller

“Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, you will do more than simply survive. You will thrive in spite of it.” Joel Osteen

Tough times never last, but tough people do.Robert H. Schuller

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“Anyone can hide. Facing up to things, working through them, that’s what makes you strong.” – Sarah Dessen

“He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions.” – Louisa May Alcott

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Friedrich Nietzsche

“Life is very interesting. In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths.” Drew Barrymore

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Stay Strong Quotes for Women

“I like feeling strong. It keeps my mental floor higher.Pink

“I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ’Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.” Thomas Paine

“Stay strong. Stand up. Have a voice.Shawn Johnson

“Knowing When To Walk Away Is Wisdom”. 

“A Strong Woman Knows How To Keep Her Life In Line. With Tears In Her Eyes, She Still Manages To Say, “Nah, I’m Fine.”

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“Never Be Ashamed Of A Scar. It Simply Means You Were Stronger Than Whatever Tried To Hurt You”.

“You Were Never Created To Live Depressed, Defeated, Guilty, Condemned, Ashamed Or Unworthy. You Were Created To Be Victorious”.

“When you’re not sure if you’re following the right path, when you’ve been knocked down a few too many times, it’s completely fine to get discouraged, hell even defeated. What’s not okay is to stop”. – Gary John Bishop

“We do not have to remain stuck in our trials! We go through them and as daughters of the King, we can rise in the midst of dark, shaking moments”. – Holly Wagner

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places”. – Ernest Hemingway

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“Anyone can hide. Facing up to things, working through them, that’s what makes you strong”. – Sarah Dessen

“If I Ever Let My Head Down It Will Be Just To Admire My Shoes”.

“Littles Girls With Dreams Becomes Women With Vision”.

“Women Have Been Trained To Speak Softly And Carry A Lipstick”.

“Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have strength.” – Napoléon Bonaparte


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Engagement Quotes | Cute Engagement Quotes About Love

Engagement Quotes

Engagement Quotes

“May you bring each other as much happiness as your friendship has brought to my life and more”.

“So happy for the both of you. and I can’t wait to celebrate this new chapter of your lives with you”.

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” – Nora Ephron

“Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.” – Robert Browning

“The highest happiness on earth is marriage.” – William Lyon Phelps

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“I couldn’t have dreamed you into existence because I didn’t even know I needed you. You must have been sent to me.” – Kamand Kojouri

“I’m so happy for the both of you and very excited I have a permanent couple with whom I can be a third-wheel”!

“Marriage is not kick-boxing, it’s salsa dancing.” – Amit Kalantri

“Marriage is not easy so never marry someone else for other reasons besides love.” – Anonymous

“Engagement is more like getting to know if you really want to marry someone for real.” – Anonymous

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“The secret of a happy marriage remains… a secret.” – Henny Youngman

“Of all the big life events we’ve celebrated together, this one tops the list”.

“Best wishes for a long and happy life together”.

“Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and the beginning of an eternal love story.” – Rajeev Ranjan

“I couldn’t have dreamed you into existence because I didn’t even know I needed you. You must have been sent to me.” – Kamand Kojouri

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Cute Engagement Quotes


A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Unknown

“Love at first sight is easy to understand; it’s when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle.” – Sam Levenson

 “You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought.” – Arthur Conan Doyle

“Love is the longing for the half of ourselves we have lost.” – Milan Kundera

“They say that marriages are made in heaven. But so is thunder and lightning.” – Clint Eastwood

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“We must have been soulmates in the past for we just clicked so easily to be engaged so fast.” – Unknown

“Every day that we spend together I find myself loving you more and more, my dear love.” – Unknown

“True love stories never have endings.” — Richard Bach

“Best wishes for a fun-filled future together”.

“I won’t give my heart to another girl until God shows me it’s my wife.” – Eric Ludy

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Engagement Quotes About Love


“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” – Ernest Hemingway

“The highest happiness on earth is marriage.” – William Lyon Phelps

“A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.” – Ruth Bell Graham

“Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation.” – Oscar Wilde

“I know your marriage will be as strong and last as long as our friendship. Congrats”!

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“When you get engaged with someone and you want to get married as soon as possible, that is love.” – Anonymous

“Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.” – Micheal Leunig

“It is sometimes essential for a husband and a wife to quarrel they get to know each other better.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“I married a man who was as much a part of me as my own soul.” – C.J. English

“The more you engage and connect, the more engagement and connections you will have.” – Loren Weisman

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“We have the greatest prenuptial agreement in the world. It’s called love.” – Gene Perret

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” – Aristotle

 “True love stories never have endings.” – Richard Bach

“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.” – Maya Angelou

“I choose you and I’ll choose you over and over and over without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat, I’ll keep choosing.” – Unknown

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Engagement Congratulations Quotes


“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” – AA Milne

“Anyone can catch your eye, but it makes the ride worthwhile. Congrats ” – Franklin P. Jones

“It’s not your perfectness that I fell in love with. It was your flaws that brought me in.” – Unknown

“All commands from your lips are sweet, I say, and now have you not said the sweetest of all? Marry you! Congratulations” – Byron Caldwell Smith

“Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.” – Anonymous

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“We may have started as individuals, but now we are as one.” – Anonymous

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. Congrats” – Emily Bronte

“Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.” – Robert Browning

“Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive. Congratulations” – Anonymous

“Find the person who will love you because of your differences and not in spite of them and you have found a lover for life.” – Leo Bascaglia


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