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Tik tok Banned in India



Tik Tok Banned in India

Tik Tok Banned in India The tik tok of this app has got looked out now in India. It has been removed from the google play store. Tiktok was at top charts in Google play now it’s time and era has run out.

It has been argued that the app was being used for pornographic content and was a playground for pedophiles. China already banned it for age below 13 years.

Some pages in it had rampant pornographic scenes, violence, etc. It made people do dangerous or obscene acts on the streets. Tik Tok means unemployment. It is only for people who want to pursue a career in acting.

Many people reportedly died while shooting tik tok videos. It has copyright issues regarding background music and dialogues from movies.

But still, there are hearings for it this month so it hasn’t been completely banned. It just has been removed from the play store.

The popular app used by teenagers for creation and sharing of short videos was available on application stores of both Google and Apple until Tuesday evening but is no longer available for downloads on both platforms.

According to an earlier report order will help stop further downloads of the application but people who have already downloaded it will be able to continue using it on their smartphones.
Earlier in the week, the Supreme Court had also refused to stay the interim ban on the app’s downloads.

Google and Apple have removed Chinese net firm Bytedance’s social media app TikTok from the Play Store and App Store following directions of the Ministry of electronics and information technology to do so once an order by the Madras high court on April 3 to ban its downloads.

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The Madras High Court on April 3 asked the government to ban Tik Tok saying that it encouraged pornography and made child users vulnerable to sexual predators.

There were also several incidents that led to Tik Tok Banned in India.

  1. A 19-year-old boy Mohammad Salman was shot dead accidentally by his friend Suhail Malik while he was posing for a Tik Tok video.
  2. A man in Punjab lost his life after he came under a tractor while he was trying to get on a moving tractor to shoot a Tik Tok video.
  3. One college student from Tamil Nadu lost his life after accidentally ramming into a bus while riding on a scooter with his two friends just to shoot a video for Tik Tok.
  4. Vulgar content
  5. Kiki challenge: The challenge involves a person to jump out of a moving car, dance to the opening lines of the popular jig and then jump back into the moving vehicle.
  6. A man slits his throat making a tik to video in Chennai.
  7. 24-year-old shot in Delhi

The company responding in a statement on Tuesday had said that it was confident its 120 million users would continue to use the platform. That’s why Tik Tok Banned in India.

It had also said that it removed over six million videos that violated its Terms of Use and Community Guidelines following a review of the content generated by its users in India. However, it has not commented on the removal of the app from Google and Apple stores yet.

Like everything it’s positive and negative sides so does tik tok on the positive side it changed the lives of many people and made them the so-called online celebrities and became a source of income who need it.

Some people even consider this app as their stress buster but some people always find a way to ruin everything. Some post the video’s which shouldn’t be watched by minors and some post some vulgar videos and some misguiding.

Since there is no check of the age of the users some minors are getting affected. There is always a trade-off but the government had taken a serious decision.

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