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What is Guest Posting? A Complete Guide



What is Guest Posting

What is Guest Posting? A Complete Guide for Guest Posting

The guest post refers to a post that is published by some guest author on another website’s weblog section. The blog is about your services but is explained by someone else on a prominent portal. What is Guest Posting? A complete Guide for Guest Posting

In the past few years, guest posting has enjoyed immense growth, and business organizations are in love with this marketing strategy.

Why Should You Make Use of it?

All the online agencies whether they deliver services online or not are using blogs to gain customer trust and immense clientele. But you are seeing the half face of blogging.

The other side is guest posting, and that is indispensable if you need a boom in the growth of your online audience.

No matter how creative marketing tactics you have, if you are not paying attention to guest blogging or posting then things can get complex.

Your Website gets a Higher Position in SERP ( Search Engine Result Page)

guest blog post contains a plethora of back-links that are attached to your website. The search engines like Bing and Google can index these back-links easily, and that is what you need.

With more guest posts you will get more backlinks, and you will encounter a sudden growth in the online traffic.

Better Brand Reputation

Every brand is looking to enhance its reputation in the market to attract more business prospects.

And an SEO guest post is a sure-shot way to increase brand awareness and reputation. When more people are reading blogs about your services or brand, more they get aware of what you do.

Also, search engines filter those websites which have higher brand reputation due to guest blogging SEO as compared to the ones with low scales of online reputation.

More People get Connected to your Social Media Platforms:

Almost every online portal has a deep connection with a social media platform and with guest posting they get a direct transfer of audience to their social media pages. This can be done without any third-party strategies, so you get more audience while investing less.

You get more fan Base

When your guest post is published on a prominent guest blogging site, then there are fair chances that their audience will be attracted to your business. What is Guest Posting? A complete Guide for Guest Posting

The guest post helps you in getting more audience by acquiring the business prospects associated with the guest post platform.

What is Guest posting in SEO and Types?

Firstly I will tell you about the Guest Blogging and Secondly, I will tell you Guest posting in SEO and Types. Guest Blogging is also known as Guest posting.

If you are a blogger or you have a little knowledge about Blogging then you should familiar with the Guest posting. It is very popular in the market nowadays.

In this posting, you will write a beautiful and unique article for other sites or blog and in return, you will get a link from other sites or blogs.

You may also take links to the Social Media profiles. It is a win to win policy in which you will get a link and the website or blog owner will take content.

Both got to have an advantage. This strategy is not limited to Link building because it creates trust in each other. I am here to explain What is Guest Posting? A complete Guide for Guest Posting.

Guest posting in SEO is an off-page technique in which you want to make content popular quickly and also you want Backlink. Because you know that Guest posting has a great juice in Link building. It is included in a ranking factor of Google.

It is a biographical Representation that tells you about the author and the Company. If you do the guest posting on a popular blog and you have great content.

Then it means you got a lot of subscribers and Traffic from the article that you wrote and then you can interact with your audience through the comment section. It will also create your Social following and Trust Flow.

How to do Guest posting properly?

This is a question Mostly people ask Google Now I am here to tell you according to my knowledge and Experience.

The first step is to find your same blog niche sites that have a great social following and huge Organic Traffic.

If the blogger will like your idea then definitely He or She will pitch back. And you should read all the guidelines of the Guest posting that you want otherwise your article will be rejected.

Once you gave the article then you should wait and after that check the Results.

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Guest posting Types

There are two types of Guest posting in SEO. One is a do-follow Guest post and the other is the No-follow Guest post. Firstly I will talk about the Do-follow link as follows:

Do Follow Guest Post:

Do Follow Guest Post means that Do-Follow link, is a link that Google will follow it and It has a great value.  If the Search Engine follows the link then humans can also follow that link.

Do follow link usually occurs in the anchor text and it has a great value The Best thing is to put that keyword in the anchor text that wants to link the post or page. All the hyperlinks are do-follow by default. You don’t do anything to make it do-follow.

No follow Guest Post:

No follow Guest Post means that No-Follow link is a link in which Google bot does not follow that link But Human can follow that link.

But as Compared to the Do Follow it has less juice and less weight. Google Former employee Matt cuts says that it matters in the Link building So, You should take the No-follow Backlinks.

Guest Posting in 2019

If you just launched a blog in 2019, you’re entering the most competitive search engine landscape in history and if guest blogging isn’t a part of your strategy, you are severely limiting your growth.

It’s not 2008 anymore you can’t hit on Google just by plopping down 500 words on a page or joining some shady backlink directory. You need to up your game.

High quality, long-form, image-heavy, and relevant blog posts are what rank in 2019.

(Gee, thanks for making us work harder Google.) And excluding on-page SEO, getting high quality, relevant backlinks from high Domain Authority sites are more important than ever.

How do you get the most high-quality backlinks in 2019?

The answer is modernizing and scaling your guest blogging strategy. To test the effectiveness of guest blogging in 2019, I implemented a 15-day guest blogging experiment.

In 15 days, publish as several guest posts as potential on high Domain Authority sites to find out four key things:

  • How to Master the Guest Posting Process

I wanted to learn the ins and outs of how to effectively target influential blogs, perform email outreach, pitch topics, write and edit drafts, and get published on high DA sites as quickly as possible.

  • The Impact of a Guest Posting Strategy on an SEO Website in 2019

Once the 15 days end and any articles are published, use SEO tools to understand how effective guest blogging was at increasing Domain Authority, Alexa Rank, and driving target organic traffic.

  • Ways to scale White Hat SEO in 2019

While black hat SEO strategies have been out of style for over a decade now, I wanted to discover the best ways to scale white hat SEO and accelerate the acquisition of trustworthy, authoritative links.

  • If anyone Regardless of experience can get High-Quality Backlinks

In my guest blogging experiment, only targeted websites with a domain authority of 60+, with the common being 72.5. I wanted to prove that any new blogger can obtain these high-quality backlinks.

Here’s a checklist you should use to run a successful guest posting campaign:

Define the goals you want to achieve.
Find proper websites to post on.
Outreach to blog owners.
Create superior content.
Promote your post and engage with readers.
Track your results.
Build long-term relationships with bloggers.

First of all, define your goals and decide whether guest blogging can help you to achieve them or not.

If you want to increase brand awareness of your business, position yourself as an expert, drive traffic, increase sales, build high-quality backlinks, guest posting is what you need.

Then you need to find websites you will post on. Search for Lists of Blogs in Your Niche
This is probably the easiest way to find the most popular blogs in your niche. Just search ‘top blogs’ and check the result.

Find Active Bloggers in Your Niche and Check Their Previous Contributions Using this method you can find guest posting opportunities by checking where authors in your niche have already contributed.

Pick certain influencer and start investigating. If you are serious about your business, you should have already analyzed your competitors including their backlinks.

They are probably also doing guest blogging, that’s why you can find lots of great sources analyzing their backlink profile.

It may take some time to find what you need as not all backlinks are coming from guest posts, but using this technique you may find some real gold that was not publicly announced.
Advanced Google Search Who else if not Google can provide you with the most accurate info. But it’s not enough to use basic search to find niche websites that accept guest posts.

For this purpose, you’ve got to use specific search queries alleged guest posting footprints.

Here’s a list of the most common ones:
‘write for us’ OR ‘write to me’
‘Become a contributor’

‘submit a guest post’
‘guest post by’
‘guest article’
Add your keywords to each of them and you’ll be able to find blogs relevant to your niche.
Example: ‘write for us’ OR ‘write for me’ digital marketing
To make some of the more precise, use search operators ‘inurl:’ and ‘intitle:’ that will show the results containing your keywords in their URL and the Title tag respectively.

Example: intitle: write for us’ your keyword inurl: guest post guidelines’ your keyword
You can find lots of other footprints yourself just skimming through various blogs.

However, doing a manual search using each of those footprints and checking every web site can take many some time.

You can simply scrape all search results upon these queries, evaluate and sort them by various metrics.

Be precise while choosing a blog to post on here is a quick checklist you can use:
Make a quick traffic analysis. Use Similar Web free browser extension to get estimated visits, main traffic sources, and geo.

Analyze the overall theme of a blog. First and foremost, you should check what topics are covered on the blog, to understand whether they correlate with your site.

Make sure it’s not dead. Sometimes blogs may be abandoned but still drive traffic. Check the date of the latest publication to see if the blog is alive.

Have a look at the comment section and social shares, check if readers engage with this blog. Don’t neglect social media pages, check the number of followers, likes, and comments.
Check the main SEO aspects.

Make sure there are not any shady links from the homepage/footer/header to different sites and articles don’t contain obvious spam.

Avoid blogs that are stuffed with ads and pop-ups. Check the blog for sneaky redirects. Then examine the backlink profile, it should not consist of spammy backlinks and anchors.
Examine the guest post requirements.

Sort out blogs that don’t match your criteria and add all relevant ones to the list for further outreach.

How to Do Guest Posting Outreach

Blogs that allow guest posting get hundreds of emails from people like you. Their inbox is stuffed with letters screaming ‘I want to post my shitty content to get a link from you’.

If you want your pitch to be read and not sent to the spam folder, you have to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some tips to write a quality pitch.

  • Appear on Blogger’s Radar

Join blog groups in social media, like a couple of posts/photos, leave relevant comments. A few don’ts don’t like everything you can it’s just weird, don’t spam comments, don’t be a toady all your compliments should be real, avoid ‘I love your blog so much’ stuff.

  • Personalization Is a Must

This is not only about adding the blogger’s name to your greeting which is mandatory. Personalize your letters as much as you can.

  • Prove Your Authority

Include your credentials, a couple of high-authority websites you contributed to or just have your company mentioned. Don’t overpraise yourself, 1-2 short sentences will be enough.

  • Focus on Blogger’s Benefit

Make sure you’ve included all the advantages which come along with your post: you will promote it in your socials, newsletter, or provide with a free trial to your tool or service.

  • General Tips for Quality Email

Here is a checklist for making a killer letter:
Use a corporate email address (e.g. [email protected]).

  • Address bloggers by their first name.

Structure your letter (it shouldn’t be a single paragraph). Don’t use long and complex sentences.

  • Tell me about yourself.

Personalize your letter (add relevant references) Don’t be formal, be open and friendly.

  • Check your grammar

Don’t use more than one hyperlink per letter to avoid landing into the spam folder.



These are the Guest posting SEO and Types I have discussed above It is now a trending strategy you should use this strategy to have a good rank on Google.

It has great juice and one of this biggest advantage is that it creates a relationship with the same niche people and it increases the trust flow and Domain Authority of your Blog or website.


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