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What is Landing Page?



What is a Landing Page?

The landing page is a standalone web page where potential clients get from an advertisement or search results.

Landing pages are marketing tools that have a fundamental difference from traditional websites the main purpose of the landing page is to perform a specific targeted action by the visitor and websites are multi-purpose.

A landing page design is ultimately focused on one call to action (CTA). The CTA should be visible both colorwise and in size.

For example, sign up for a webinar generate orders for a particular service or buy a product download an ebook subscribe to news and products that you offer, etc.

It’s a webpage that wants a visitor to perform one specific action such as signing up for a newsletter downloading a white paper signing up for a trial or buying a product.

The easiest way to design an effective landing page is to use a ready-made SEO-friendly template. This way you’ll be sure that you didn’t make a mistake that could obstruct a conversion.

Such templates are provided by all big companies Envato, TemplateMonster, Elegant Themes. If you need a few options to test which one will work better with your product you should buy a subscription. Usually, it’s more effective than buying each template separately.

All these companies have landing page templates in their subscriptions. For sure that there are more than 200 landing page templates in the new subscription service one by Template Monster.

For the beginning it’s better to try ready-made templates it’s much easier than trying to designs one from scratch.

What is the difference between a landing page and a normal page?

The main difference between a Landing page and your Home page is your audience.
Landing Page is a stand-alone web page that is designed for a specific purpose such as a marketing advertising campaign and gathers visitor’s information.

While as Normal page is the starting page of your website with a navigation bar that provides links to different sections within the particular website

Another big difference between a landing page and a Home page is that the Landing page must have CTA(Call-to-action) that encourages your viewers to convert.

The normal page can have lots of information links and sources and the purpose is to provide plenty of information and resources to potential customers.

For example, a website normal page often has standard links at the top of the page and often at the side of the page for items like:

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  • Home
  • Services
  • Products
  • About us
  • Contact us etc.

On the other language home page is like the airport It presents a lot of different options for what to do next to look at the about page visit the blog, contact us, etc. and a basic overview of what the brand product and service is about.


Or landing page is like an airplane at the airport It has one purpose fly you to one destination and isn’t meant for much else. It’s focused on to catch more and more people and objective is clearly defined just as a good landing page should be.


What practices to create a landing page?

A good landing page is created when it serves the purpose of creating one and gets conversions.

A landing page that gets traffic but is not able to retain and convert that traffic is even worse than not having one as it will be a reason for increased bounce rate for your website and finally affecting the ranking of your website.

Some of the factors that a designer should consider while designing a landing page are:

  • Simple is Best

Keep the page and the structure of the page as simple as possible. Do not be too creative with the page design it may result in more dropouts from the page if not accepted well by your target audience.

Basic navigation with clearly defined buttons is the best way to go. Keep the design free from graphic clutter.

  • Plan it well

Keep the text aligned with each other and the basic idea of the page. Do not target multiple products of different categories on one page. One page one product or category refer to the picture above.

  • Happy and lively pictures

Choose pictures that show life positivism and happiness that your product brings.

  • Add a video only if u have content

Add a video to the landing page is a good option however only till the time when it has content to attract visits. A video should have content that differentiates your product from the crowd and thus helping you get conversions.

  • Promote a free trial

A landing page is the best place to promote a free trial or the latest version of the product. Use it well by placing the Correct and simple yet attractive Click to Action (CTA) buttons. If you are using it as a data collection page then keep the form small and simple.

  • Remove or severely limit the navigation

If your call to action that got people to the landing page was clear enough then having your standard site navigation and other unnecessary links in the copy of your page can get in the way of the goal of the landing page to capture information in exchange for premium content

  • Only ask for necessary details in your form

If your offer is Get an email with our 10 Step Guide do you need to ask for their phone number? The fewer form fields you have the greater chance you will have for conversion.

  • Send them to a dedicated thank you page

Nothing sucks more than filling out an offer and being “dumped” back onto the homepage so take an extra 5 minutes and make a thank you page just for this offer.

If you took away the navigation, now its time to give it back they just completed your form so give them one or more direct next steps or maybe just ask them to share this offer with friends through email or social media.


When someone lands on your landing page they are going to glance over it for a few seconds before deciding whether they will buy something or provide you with lead info.

They will likely be accessing your page on their mobile phone and depending on what you are selling your prospect’s level of adeptness with tech can vary from none at all to highly adept.

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