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What is Quality Content?



What is Quality Content?

What is Quality Content?

Content is most important and it is the king of blog website. Content Is what we think and write however in internet world.

It’s what you’re making an attempt to deliver to your visitors, leads, customers, and promoters.Content is to attract and educate your targeted audience.

There are plenty of various ways that you’ll deliver a message: blogs, emails, web site pages, social media, print collateral, and beyond. types of content include  articles, video, infographics, e-books, audio, SlideShare and more.

Creating valuable content is something that’s subjective, however should not be. All content ought to be valuable, and it’s the responsibility of the creator to create it so.

There is nothing higher than reading a short article that’s packed full with info that is why we should always sometimes not be too targeted on the word count but rather the content and quality of writing.

For instance, the blogger’s version of quality content is also completely different from that of SEO techniques and from that of Google’s viewpoint. This is as a result of quality is subjective, and each individual view it differently.

So, while some may concur that publishing more copies may count as quality content, others may construe it as spamming as more content doesn’t necessarily mean quality content.

On the other hand, publishing regular and relevant content may not also quality as quality content by some as even poorly written content can sometimes be considered as relevant.
The answer lies in Google’s Quality Guidelines itself.

If you just go through the fundamental guidelines and principles, you’ll be able to have an idea on how to create your content.

Points for writing quality content

  1. Create original content

    As Google penalises the duplicate and copied content websites in SERP ranking. Everything regarding your content creation should be original from the title to the keywords and content. If you’re stuck with ideas, stop for a moment, read some articles online, ease your mind and start begin writing.

  2. Create Catchy and Killer Headlines

    Killer headlines increase CTR in search For writing Catchy headlines you may use tools such as headline analyser by co-schedule and other tools in the market. Therefore, make sure that in content creation you have got smart headlines able to tempt your readers.

  3. Be narrow and well-defined

The general span of an individual’s being is usually  8 seconds to 20 minutes; so you wish to be able to catch the reader’s attention instantly, and be in a position to deliver your promise that you simply created within the 1st three sentences.

  1. Make it best

90% of knowledge that’s transmitted to our brains are visuals. So add catchy and applicable videos to further increase the likelihood of readers. Use photos, videos or even diagrams to more illustrate your purpose and for further understanding.

  1. Choosing channels Blogs

    Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn Email: B2C email marketingcould be acornerstone of online shopping.

  2. Take time to title your work

As title is that the factor which will be resulting in the way which will be working for letting the audience to browse the content. If your title is effective, it will lead to the way that is helpful in making your blog run.

  1. Create timely updates to the blog and your content

Time to time update your blog website to get good traffic. In the starting you must have to post 5-6 blog in a week afterwards it depends upon on your traffic.


Tools to identify whether the content is unique or copied

  1. Plagiarism Checker : this tool allows 1000 words within the box to search the content for any duplicate issues. This is an free tool.
  2. Duplichecker: In this tool you’ll be able to check unpublished articles via uploading the .txt file.
  3. Copyscape: In this tool it will enhance your content accurately and you can place your web site or blog URl and verify the duplicate content.
  4. Plagiarisma: It has 3 option to find out the duplicate content via: uploading .txt, .doc, .rtf files etc.
  5. Plagium: This tool permits maximum of 25000 characters to identifies the duplicity of the content.
  6. Plagspotter : In this tool URL search conducted by this device it is through and quick and yield sources of duplicated content for further review.

Also, when most are attempting to be their best, how can you make yourself unique and valuable?

So, the key here is to provide content that’s completely different from the rest, includes images, graphics, etc to make it stand.

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